A Treasure Trove of Colour

Every mermaid needs her treasure trove
- but what 
treasure should she have in her casket…? 

Use our 


to create a look you’ll LOVE!


We have gems galore… but let us tailor those gems to YOU!

With our personalised selection of gems to suit your colouring we can create a scheme that exudes effortless style!


Every girl deserves a personal stylist - and that includes you! The first thing your stylist looks at is your colouring, hair colour, skin tone, even eye colour and clarity. 


At MERMAID COVE we want to help you pick the colours that bring out the best in you - with just a sprinkling of guidance!


If you’re the kinda girl that wants to break all the rules with their own crazy sense of style then go ahead, skip our advice and ‘shop till you drop’! But if you need a little help from us mermaids, then have a look at our Gem System and let it guide you to the colours personalised for you.


It has been proven that the human eye responds positively to harmony and balance. Sometimes you just know you’re looking amazing, but you don’t know why. It’s usually that the tones and depths of colours you are wearing are perfect!


It is more pleasing to the eye when colours are arranged in a logical order or are related to each other in some way. We can help you create your ultimate style statement.


The Gem System guides you to create balance and harmony between your own colouring and the shades of colour you wear. 


Create the ultimate wardrobe, and make up bag, personalised for you with endless possibilities and perfect colour combinations.


So how does this work? Our mermaids show you your perfect gems to look out for when browsing clothes and make up. These gems achieve harmony - they have the same or similar characteristics as our own colouring. The colours undertone, depth and clarity must all match or be in a similar range. A simple way to ensure you choose the perfect shades no matter what taste, personality or mood you dress for!


Should you choose Golden Topaz or Aquamarine for you treasure?

Golden Topaz is for you if your have a warmth in your colouring…  

Do you have warm coloured hair; is it red, auburn, copper, a golden brunette or a golden blonde? 

Do you have a warm skin tone; is it pale and golden with freckles, warm and peachy, or deep olive with a golden tan?



Aquamarine for you if your have a coolness in you colouring…

Do you have cool coloured hair? Is it white, grey, silver, plum, lilac, blue, black, are you a really cool blonde or brunette? 

Do you have a cool skin tone? Is it pale or sallow, do you have rosy cheeks and struggle to tan or do you have cool black skin?


Should you dig for Diamonds or dive for Pearls?


Diamonds are for clarity and contrast…  

Do you have bright eyes as clear as the ocean? The brightest green or blue, deep and clear brown or even topaz?

Do you have lots of contrast in your colouring, dark hair (much darker than your skin tone), bright whites of your eyes and dark defined brows?


Pearls are for softness with very little contrast… 

Do your eyes change colour? Are they a soft blue green or a blue grey, they could be a sludgy brown or hazel?

Is your hair a light, mousey brown, highlighted or balayage blonde with your complexion peachy or tanned? Is there very little contrast with your skin tone and hair colour?



Deep in the cove is precious Morganite or Alexandrite


Morganite is yours if you are pale, with light tones…

Do you have light hair, are you a natural blonde with light pale skin?

Look at your eyes - do you have light lashes and brows with light blue, green or grey eyes?


Alexandrite is yours if you are deep with darker features… 

Do you have dark hair, naturally black or dark brown with

strong rich colouring?

Look at your eyes, do you have dark lashes and brows with a deep brown dark eye colour?


Every Mermaid can choose Aurora Borealis… 


Universal colours that suit everyone are Purple, Charcoal, Pewter, Teal, Taupe, Navy, Soft White & Turquoise


So pick as many Aurora Borealis gemstones as you want!